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Summer Glow In Spring? It's possible! ✨🌸

We all miss the long summer days, the sunshine and the bright, dewy glow we get. 

You know the feeling when you see someone and think: "What's the secret behind their radiant skin?"

It's only understandable if you start wondering if it's because they wear SPF 24/7, drink a lot of water or have some other secret that makes their skin so radiant.  

Everybody's journey to glowing skin is different and if it takes a bit more time to achieve it than expected, don't worry!

No matter what kind of effect you're going for, a radiant complexion always begins with the right skincare routine. 

If you have mature skin you might be thinking that dewy, glowing skin is not as easily achievable when you're not 20 anymore...

But having dewy skin is in fact possible at any age!

While it's true that our skin can get dull and dry as we age due to our collagen levels decreasing,

with the right steps you can get the glowing skin you're aiming for. 

Dewy skin is natural, fresh, and subtle. No matter what your skin type or tone is, you can achieve 'the glow' by focusing on these factors...

Dry skin often equals a damaged moisture barrier 

When this happens, your skin develops tiny, invisible cracks that allow moisture to escape. 

This means that you should pay extra attention and take steps to repair your skin's moisture barrier and close up these cracks. 

This prevents the skin from drying out and cracking throughout the day. 

Be kind to your skin. Gentle cleansing is key. 

It's important that you cleanse your skin to shed dead skin cells and reveal fresher, new skin.

Another essential step is to choose a gentle cleanser that is gentle, pH-balanced, and does not include harsh chemicals. 

Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and recreating oils to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. 

A golden rule is that a good cleanse is crucial for any skincare routine!

Our Hydrating Cleanser thoroughly cleanses skin without stripping off your skin's essential oils and moisture, and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Avoid using ingredients that dry out your skin

We've talked about this before, but we want to say it once again: pay attention to the ingredients in your skincare products. 

Besides, spending money on skincare that doesn't help you and actually is drying out your skin is not a very pleasant feeling. 

Just like you want to look for specific ingredients in your skincare products to attract moisture, 

you'll also want to avoid ones that have a drying effect by preventing the skin from hanging onto its natural oils. 

Using a toner 

Toners are specifically designed to restore pH balance to the skin. 

Skin's optimal pH is 5.5 and can be thrown off by products you use. 

Toners clean and tighten pores, which not only makes the skin visibly smoother, but makes it harder for pollution to penetrate it. 

Also, did you know that one of the reasons why toners are so important is because they can help drive

the active ingredients in your serum or moisturiser deeper down, since skin is more permeable when it's damp?

A toner is essential to prepare your skin before you apply the rest of your skincare routine, and toner helps all of your other skincare products absorb better. 

For this reason, we've chosen to include a 100% Pure Rose Water toner to our skincare line.

Rose water is obtained after distillation of rose petals and when used in an anti-ageing regimen it delays the appearance of wrinkles on the face. 

Thanks to its richness in antioxidants, this solution masks the signs of ageing and allows you to appear younger and radiant.

However, it's important to remember that skincare products aren't the only things that can affect your natural glow...

Your beauty sleep is important too 

When someone says they like having their beauty nap, it turns out that they mean it quite literally. Why is that? 

Collagen repairs itself while we sleep.

It provides the body with structure and is our most abundant protein, ensuring integrity, elasticity and strength of the body's connective tissue. 

Stress can impact the skin in a number of ways, so taking your time to relax turns out to be crucial too. 

Why is natural skincare the way to go for taking care of your skin?

As the largest organ of the body, your skin not only absorbs lots of nutrients but it can also take in a number of toxins each day. 

Your skin is an amazing organ that acts as your body’s barrier against those toxins, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re applied on it!

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