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4 Tips for your Skincare Routine this Autumn


October 6 ,2021

Summer can be a lot of fun but it can also be very damaging to our skin. 

It usually leaves its mark on our skin, causing anything from unwanted dark spots and dry patches through dehydration or an extra line.

So, here we have 4 tips to repair the damage this summer caused and get your skin winter-ready

1. Hydration

When the weather is hot and muggy, humid air helps keep your skin moisturized. But as autumn and winter approach, there is less moisture in the air and your skin is less hydrated as a result. 


The best way to hydrate your skin is to include ingredients in your regime that gently hydrate your skin, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and rose oil.

Our 100% Pure Rose Water toner  is another way to hydrate and refresh your skin. 


Remember that it’s advisable to apply a moisturiser to lock all that water in. Apply it on your face and neck after using the serum, your skin’s protective barrier will thrive. 


2. Treat sun-damaged skin

Autumn could turn into blooming spring for your skin if you introduce a product that boosts collagen, repairs connective tissues and repairs any sun-induced free radical damage. Our Rose Youth Elixir contains Bakuchiol which is the natural alternative to retinol – as potent and effective, but without annoying side effects. 


It’s perfect for all skin types, because sensitive beauties deserve potent anti-ageing skincare too!


3. Rebuild your skin's protective barrier

Your skin barrier is a crucial component of your skin, it protects it and keeps it healthy by keeping moisture in and unwanted irritants out. There’s also a tiny ecosystem of ‘good bacteria’ (called the microbiome) living on the surface of it, responsible to keeping your skin radiant and youthful. 


Unfortunately, UV radiation, pollution, harsh chemicals and other external factors are responsible for causing imbalances in your skin’s barrier & microbiome function. 

Our Prebiotic Moisturising cream acts as a fuel source for the beneficial bacteria on our skin, encouraging their growth and strengthening the skin's microbiome balance. When your microbiome is protected and balanced, it gives you radiant and hydrated skin.


The powerhouse of botanicals in it help to reduce this cellular stress and can significantly reduce skin damage and restore appearance of firmness and plumpness. Formulated to give your skin’s microbiome a comforting hug, rather than attacking it with harsh chemicals, it actively improves the level of good bacteria living on your skin.

4. Protect your skin

Even if summer is already gone, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen. Sun protection is equally important in the autumn and winter as it is in spring and summer. 

Every woman can and should feel young, happy and healthy no matter what their age is or what challenges they face. Proper skincare is not just about looking good – it is also vital to overall health.

Looking gorgeous at any age and season, and in the face of life’s challenges is a lot easier when you have a skincare routine that works for YOU. 


We all age but why not look and feel your best on the way? Along with many amazing things about aging, there is nothing more frustrating than the development of wrinkles, fine lines and seeing how your skin is not as radiant as it used to. 


It can even be depressing not liking the way you look. 


That’s why we found purpose in helping and uplifting women. We set out to develop a skincare range so pure, natural, so balanced and potent, that it would enable every woman to feel the blissful gentle touch of nature on their skin. 


After two years spent formulating and perfecting a small batch of products, we finally launched our skincare line. 


It embodies a new way of thinking, proving that scientifically backed and natural skincare can co-exist.


Our mission is simple: to help women enhance their natural glow that is often impacted by the negative effects of external factors and rejuvenating their skin. 

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