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Bakuchiol: Learn Everything About The Most Potent Natural Anti-Aging Ingredient

For many years, the skincare industry has held one ingredient in high regard for its anti-aging properties, retinol

Heralded as the A grade of skincare protection and issue prevention, retinol – a member of the Vitamin A family – has had experts amazed by its remarkable ability to tackle dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pigmentation and texture.                                                                                                                     
However, depending on the individual, retinol can cause adverse reactions and be counter-productive for what users want to achieve.

Now as the battle for the best skincare ingredients rages on, an alternative is looking to snatch the top spot from retinol – giving skincare enthusiasts the results they are looking for without any nasty side effects.

Enter, Bakuchiol.                                                                                     

Now we know what you are thinking; “another wonder ingredient? That is what they said about Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Retinoic Acid and the rest”. But give us a chance to explain.           

When tested it was found that bakuchiol use helped visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, tackle texture and reduce skin roughness.                               

What is Bakuchiol?

Pronounced ‘Back-ooh-chee-all’, Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient from the East, found in continental India in the form of the Babchi plant, (Psoralea Corylifolia) and was named after Sanskrit “Bakuchiol of the plant”.

Using this plant in medicine and skincare is not new. Bakuchiol dates to ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese practices, where the seeds of the plant were used to treat conditions including vertigo, leukoderma, and other skin issues.

Benefits of Bakuchiol 

Benefits of Bakuchiol

According to the leading dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto, the naturally occurring compound helps preserve skin by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover thus combating skin aging.

The overall effect is an improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Bakuchiol has been shown to help reduce skin damages caused by UV rays, and to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and potentially even anti-acne activity.   

As bakuchiol comes from a plant, this ingredient is perfect for those looking for soft and gentle, vegan or sustainable skincare anti-aging ingredient. If you did not know, retinol is synthetically derived in labs and usually comes from animal sources like beef, chicken liver, eggs, and fish.

Also, while some experts say there’s not yet enough evidence to confirm either way, most agree that bakuchiol is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding – a major advantage over retinol, which is not. 

Tried and Tested

Various studies have confirmed that bakuchiol mimics retinol as an anti-aging compound.  

The International Journal of Cosmetic Science published a study of 44 volunteers over 12 weeks and found that twice-daily use of the plant derivative has significant anti-aging effects.  

Benefits included improvements in:

  • lines and wrinkles,
  • pigmentation,
  • elasticity,
  • firmness,
  • and overall reduction in photo-damage 
the same benefits you see with retinol!

In a more recent study, 43 females aged 45 – 65 years old were examined using bakuchiol in a bid to evaluate skin firmness and radiance along with effects on skin deformation and photo-aging. 

77% of women (33 subjects) experienced improved skin firmness and radiance after use of bakuchiol.

Researchers also found that the ingredients is particularly effective on the skin of those aged over 45 years old when used as an anti-aging tool in serums or other cosmetic products such as night creams, balms or, eye-creams.

Once experiments had concluded, scientists suggested that bakuchiol could be used as part of a “global anti-aging treatment strategy” to safely tackle skin issues associated with aging.

Bakuchiol VS Retinol

Bakuchiol VS Retinol

When put to the test head-to-head in experiments against retinol for its anti-aging effects, bakuchiol was found to hold its own when looking at photo-aging effects, redness and, problematic pigmentation, whilst those who used retinol experienced skin scaling and stinging.

This highlights that bakuchiol can be used as an alternative to retinol and other anti-aging ingredients that cause dangerous side-effects typically including: burning, sensitivity, pruritus and, cutaneous erythema to name a few.­­

Bakuchiol can be used as a safe alternative to retinol

Trying Bakuchiol for the First Time

If you are on the search for a new ingredient to include in your skincare regiment, and you have not ventured into trying any bakuchiol based products – what are you waiting for?

Should you be scared to dip your toes into the water, we have the ideal item for you to start your journey to healthier, younger-looking skin in no time.

Our cruelty-free, Rose Youth Elixir uses natural, vegan ingredients including Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid and organic Rosa Damascena Oil to tackle woes and worries plaguing your skin for softer, plumper, more hydrated and younger looking skin.

Rose Youth Elixir by Gentle & Rose

If that wasn’t enough, this expert blend of natural and ethically sourced ingredients can help control and manage skin diseases including (but not limited to) psoriasis and atopic dermatitis while tackling damage caused by the sun, technology, and other sources of harmful UV rays.

Whether you are concerned about texture or reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, we have that covered with our carefully curated concentrate that works to tackle all four major issues associated with aging: sun exposure, collagen breakdown, lack of hydration, and toxins and pollution.


No matter your skin type, if you're someone looking for something new to include in your skincare routine, do not go out and pick up just anything with bakuchiol included. Take a look at where in the ingredient is list it is placed. The closer to the start of a list an ingredient is placed, the more of that item is in a product. If placed towards the bottom, then you know that this will be very unlikely to really pack the punch you are looking for.

Bakuchiol is third in the Rose Youth Elixir ingredient list.

How to Use Bakuchiol

It is really easy to include bakuchiol in your skincare routine, as it can be used alongside any other ingredient without irritation.

We recommend to apply the ingredient twice-a-day on a clean neck and face.

Unlike retinol, bakuchiol remains stable in the sunlight and does not breakdown when exposed to UV rays, so it can be used in the morningsWhen teamed with SPF protection, the skin is given the best defense against exposure and damage caused by the sun.

To ensure the visible benefits of bakuchiol, look at the concentration of the ingredient in your skincare products. It has been shown through clinical trials and tests that the best amount to use is between 0.5-1%. 

Our Rose Youth Elixir contains 1% Bakuchiol.  



Using Bakuchiol and Retinol Together

Are you an avid user of retinol or other retinoids? Do you use prescription products such as Tretinoin, Adapalene, Tazorac, or Isotretinoin to battle acne and scars? Do not worry you do not have to throw all you have away!

If you use retinol as part of your skincare already, consider grabbing a bakuchiol based product like our Rose Youth Elixir to use in any established routine.

Bakuchiol is versatile enough to use in combination with retinol, delivering overlapping benefits.

Use of the plant derivative has been shown to stabilize and soothe the effects that retinol can have on the skin and counter potential burning and stinging that can affect those with sensitive skin. This means if you are serious about battling fine lines and wrinkles, then you can use both ingredients together to help battle the signs of aging.

If you do use prescription skincare in your routine, be sure to consult your dermatologist or medical practitioner before bringing bakuchiol into the fold. Whilst reactions are rare, they can still happen.

Have you used bakuchiol in your skincare yet? What is your favourite skincare product that uses this amazing ancient ingredient? Comment below or share your thoughts with us over on our social media channels – we cannot wait to hear what you have to say!








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