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The 4 Reasons Why Your Skin Barrier is Damaged

You want healthy, youthful and glowing skin, but sometimes it’s just SO hard to achieve it…

I've been there too. 

Before I got into skin care, I wasn’t very much aware what exactly does the skin barrier do, and how it affects the look of my skin…

You've probably heard that you need to keep your skin barrier strong

and functioning to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant - but how?

First, how does the skin barrier work?

My goal with these educational emails isn’t to give you complicated terms and make you google every other word,

so let’s start with a simple explanation of what the skin barrier actually is.

Think of it as a defensive brick wall, shielding the skin from UV damage and pollutants. It also stops essential moisture from escaping.

The external layer is primarily dead skin cells with a lipid matrix surrounding them.

For the skin barrier to work correctly, it is essential that lipids in the barrier, are in particular proportion.

This works to maintain hydration in and keep pollutants out when the skin barrier is intact.

On the other side, when the skin barrier is damaged, it is a lot easier for irritants to get in our skin and lead to more water leaving our skin.

What are the main reasons why your skin barrier gets damaged?

Pollution and dry air:

Nowadays, this is becoming more and more of a problem.

Research has also shown that pollution is really damaging for your skin barrier layer.

When air quality is poor, your skin becomes more sensitive and drier.

Harsh Cleansers:

Many cleansers contain harsh or harmful ingredients that can strip your skin and damage the skin barrier in the long run.

Having a squeaky-clean skin doesn’t mean that your skin is healthy.

Sometimes you skin becomes sensitive because you’re using the wrong cleanser and the skin barrier is in fact, damaged.

Our recommendation:

We know that you see countless number of products on the market and we didn’t mean to create just another regular ‘fix it all’ cleanser.

The Hydrating Cleanser is 100% rose water based (so your skin can benefit from the antioxidant benefits of rose water) and contains

Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Niacinamide that protect, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.

It also has a gentle silicone brush attached, to help deeply cleanse the skin and remove all impurities left on the skin.

Lack of Hydration

Loss of hydration is one of the reasons why your skin barrier is not functioning good.

Keeping your face well hydrated is critical in the fight to resort and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

That’s why it’s really important to reach for creams that are specifically formulated with care for your skin barrier because they are gentle and restoring.

Our recommendation:

When the Prebiotic Moisturising cream was formulated, I wanted to create it with special care for your microbiome.

It contains a prebiotic complex that strengthens the skin barrier function, protects it and because of the Rosa Damascena and

Rosehip oils, it also offers anti-ageing properties.

Sun damage

Okay, I know I’m mentioning this point quite often, but it’s for a good reason!

The harmful UV rays damage your skin barrier and leave your skin vulnerable to signs of premature ageing.

Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of a damaged skin barrier, and continued exposure to UVA and UVB rays impedes the function of the skin barrier.

Make sure to always use sunscreen, and if it’s a broad-spectrum one, your skin will get maximum protection.

I know that it can be frustrating to pay attention to the many factors that damage your skin, but one step at a time will always help your skin long-term.


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