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This is What Happens When Your Skin Barrier is Damaged

The skin is an amazing organ that has its own defence mechanisms to protect itself from the environmental damage and keep water in.

But that’s not all… 

Did you know that the skin has also an active ecosystem (the microbiome) that works in harmony with your skin barrier?

When the skin barrier and microbiome are disrupted and not in balance, they lose their ability to protect and defend themselves and are therefore no longer safeguards from environmental stressors.

On top of this, the skin barrier function also decreases as we age, so with years passing by, it becomes even more crucial to take steps to keep it nourished and in its best shape. 

So.. what’s compromising the skin barrier & microbiome in modern life? 

Our modern lifestyles, including what we eat, the products we use and our reduced exposure to nature have decreased our

microbial diversity making us more susceptible to dryness, breakouts, redness & more. 

In fact, research has shown that as a whole, our bacterial diversity has dramatically declines from our ancestors.

How can you fix a damaged skin barrier/disrupted microbiome? 

Healing a damaged barrier takes time and dedication, so why not use skincare that helps you avoid damage in the first place?

Keep in mind that using the wrong skincare products can disrupt your skin barrier, too.

Skincare formulas containing drying alcohol or harsh chemicals can really damage your skin and strip it off its nutrients. 

Step 1: Use a gentle cleanser

Because urban environments damage the skin, it’s important to remove all residue of pollution from the skin.

The ideal cleansing routine removes makeup, small particulate pollution matter, and dirt without stripping the skin.

Make sure to not over cleanse & use lukewarm water, instead of hot water. 

Our Hydrating Cleanser contains 3 powerful ingredients that your skin will absolutely adore - Niacinamide, Aloe Vera & Green Tea.

Formulated to respect the skin's protective barrier & microbiome, the Hydraterende reiniger will revitalise the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Step 2: Use Prebiotic Moisturising Cream 

One of the best ways to support your skin microbiome is with prebiotic skincare formulations

that nourish all that friendly flora and the skin barrier function. 

Think of prebiotics as the “food” for bacteria (probiotics) that can help skin go from dry to rehydrated, healthy and balanced.

In a sense, prebiotics help your skin do what it would do in its healthiest state.  

A quality prebiotic moisturiser is powered by the best prebiotic science to truly nurture our microbiome with every application. 

The prebiotic we use in our Prebiotic Moisturising Cream is clinically proven to feed only the beneficial bacteria on your skin, protecting it from the bad bacteria. 

The prebiotic we use is extracted from chicory root, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. 

It is scientifically proven to make skin more resistant to bad bacteria growth by protecting the skin barrierand strenghtening its defences. 

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