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This Natural Retinol Alternative Gets Sold Out in Just Couple of Days

Introducing the elixir that defies time, targeting signs of premature ageing and improving your skin in just 4 to 12 weeks!

Cosmetic procedures, expensive treatments, and countless skincare products may have left you wondering if there's a simpler solution.

Well, guess what? The secret lies in just one product with the right ingredients to combat the factors that rob your skin of its youthfulness and radiance.

But how does it work its magic? Prepare to be astonished!

The Rose Youth Elixir is expertly formulated to penetrate deep into your skin, nourishing and rejuvenating at the cellular level.

It's like a delightful sip of youthfulness for your skin!

Thousands have already experienced the magic—now it's your turn!

The 4 Reasons Women Love the Rose Youth Elixir:


Boosts collagen production

One of the 4 factors associated with premature skin ageing is lack of collagen, which is essential for youthful-looking skin.

When collagen is broken down our skin becomes dehydrated, thinner, causing wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

It's like watching your skin's vitality slowly fade away, right before your eyes.
The Rose Youth Elixir works at a cellular level, penetrating deep into the dermis and stimulating collagen production.

What does this mean for your complexion?

Get ready for a treat! Within just 4 to 12 weeks, your skin will undergo a remarkable metamorphosis.

What does this mean for your complexion?

Get ready for a treat! Within just 4 to 12 weeks, your skin will undergo a remarkable metamorphosis.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Let’s be honest. Hyperpigmentation can be really annoying to deal with.

Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to eradicate, but the powerful antioxidants in the Rose Youth Elixir are here to help!

With continuous use of this magical elixir, you'll witness a transformation like never before.

Say goodbye to those uneven patches and hello to a beautifully even-toned complexion!

It's like waving a magic wand over your skin and watching the spellbinding effects unfold.

Heals sun damaged skin

Not wearing sunscreen daily leads to an increase in fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of your skin.

Unfortunately, after years of unprotected sun exposure signs of premature ageing start to show…

The Rose Youth Elixir is formulated to neutralise free-radical damage and help produce new healthy collagen to give you your youthful glow back.

Hydrates the skin from within

As the years pass, our skin's moisture begins to vanish like a mirage in the desert.

It's a race against time to keep that hydration locked in if you want your skin to remain resilient and elastic…

Without moisture, skin can’t retain its normal elasticity and resilience.

The ​Rose Youth Elixir contains moisturising ingredients that revitalise and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

But what exactly makes the Rose Youth Elixir so unique?

It was a long process to formulate this product.

We consulted with cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and beauty experts from around the country to find out what natural ingredients work and how to formulate a product that's both gentle and regenerating for the skin.


We wanted to make sure our formula was the best possible solution for your skin, so we spent 3 years perfecting it.

The Rose Youth Elixir is a unique blend of 3 powerful, natural ingredients that provide skin with all the essential vitamins needed to rejuvenate itself.

It’s the perfect solution to give your skin a boost and make it feel like it’s in its prime again..

The 3 Ingredients that Transform Your Skin


Bakuchiol: the wonder natural ingredient that works the same way as retinol.

But without the irritation.

And the other annoying side effects…

Bakuchiol has long been used for its healing powers.

And just like retinol, Bakuchiol works by increasing cellular turnover.
This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which plumps and smooths the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Bakuchiol also works to fight oxidative stress, which causes an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body which leads to visible signs of ageing…

Rosa Damascena - the flower of youth

Rose oil contains a complex array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with soothing and moisturising properties.

Rosa Damascena oil is the purest of rose oils and known as the Queen of oils.

The Rosa Damascena oil in the elixir also increases collagen production and fights free radicals to strengthen the skin.

It is also excellent for treating broken capillaries and scarring to help skin tone appear more even…

Hyaluronic acid – the ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight

Hyaluronic acid helps replenish and hold cell moisture, leading to hydrated, plump skin.
Since dehydrated skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles, hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture loss.

Get the Rose Youth Elixir Now

When will you see noticeable results?

Since Gentle&Rose was established, over 45.000 women have made a change in their complexion using the Rose Youth Elixir.

You will notice subtle improvement in how your skin feels right after applying the serum.

The Rose Youth Elixir is formulated to give you long-term results rather than quick fixes, and it can take up to 12 weeks to see the final results.

Putting the serum to the test… (A review from one of our customers)

The Rose Youth Elixir came pretty quickly and I was honestly so excited to see if it would make a difference for my skin…

After reading about the ingredients and the benefits I was so thrilled…

I immediately applied the serum to my skin and it absorbed pretty quickly.

What I instantly loved about the Rose Youth Elixir was the firming effect and the beautiful glow I got.

And the smell was delicate and so heavenly!

Of course, I didn’t expect to see a difference just yet.

Which was good, because I didn’t.

I knew that no skincare product would work right away…

But what struck me was how refreshed and hydrated my skin looked…

Well, it was nothing drastic, my fine lines and wrinkles were still there, but that was only a difference of THREE days…

It only took me three days to see an improvement.

So naturally I was so excited to see what the results would look like after a week or two.

By the third week, some of that annoying hyperpigmentation started to fade, and my skin felt like it was reborn! Can you believe it?

I honestly couldn’t believe it. It really felt like my skin was regenerating…
And I haven’t put sunscreen on my skin in years….

The damage I’ve done to my skin was extensive and I didn’t think there was anything I could do to undo it.

My fine lines and wrinkles were slightly less visible as well and my complexion was much brighter.

Even my family and friends noticed the change, and that felt incredible.

It's like having a personal beauty secret that works like magic!

This is the only anti-aging product that made any difference in how my complexion looks.

I couldn’t help but smile when I looked in the mirror.

I know, it sounds too good to be true…

I still can’t quite believe it myself.

It completely rejuvenated my face and even if you’re full of scepticism, you should just give it a try because you have no idea what a difference it makes.

Get the Rose Youth Elixir Now


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