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Why Women Over 40 Are Doing A Double-Take In The Mirror Thanks To This New Overnight 

Natural Skincare Breakthrough…

64 Year-Old Agnes Martin tells us first-hand just how powerful this new discovery has been for her and many other older women across the country. Read her story below now…

April 1,2021


"Jeez, you’d think with a collection like this, that her skin wouldn’t look so awful..."

I thought my ears were deceiving me.

But as I eavesdropped from outside my own bathroom door...

I could hear my two so-called friends as clear as daylight...

As they verbally attacked me while snooping through my things.

A swarm of emotions came over me like nothing I had ever felt before...

Sadness, embarrassment, anger...

To be honest with you, I wanted to rip her throat out…

But instead all I could do was cry.

Because at that moment, I knew they were both thinking the same thing…

"She’s really gone downhill."

I used to be the one with “good genes” that my friends were always jealous of.

But now in my mid-60s, things had changed quickly.

As I examined every crevice and age spot in the mirror, my eyes wet with tears…

I couldn’t help but think how right she was, as much as I hated her at that moment.

Nothing worked for my skin, at least not the way I imagined.

I tried so many different foundations,
concealers, creams and serums…

Heck, I even considered surgery…

But eventually I kind of just threw in the towel.

I couldn’t afford to keep wasting my money, adding to the overflowing cabinet of

failed products and disappointments.

Maybe you can relate.

One day everything’s fine and dandy and the next, we look like we aged twenty

years almost overnight.

But if you’re reading this right now, then I promise this story isn’t all bad.

   In fact, those cruel words that came out of my “friend’s” mouth sparked a fire inside me…

That ultimately led me to discover a skin-rejuvenating miracle.

Something that gave me back my youthful-looking skin…

The self-confidence of my yester-years…

And made those so-called friends of mine green with envy.


See, after that incident, I went into a deep depression.

I couldn’t help but think how much older I had gotten.

How all the wrinkles, the bags, the dark spots, and the sagging skin just seemed to catch up to me in an instant.

But I wasn’t about to start going on a spending spree again, wasting my money on useless products.

No. There HAD to be something else. Something that would work for MY skin.

So of course, I started doing my research and what I soon realized was pretty shocking.

Pretty much all of the concealers, creams and serums I had purchased in the past all seemed to have one common trend…

They were designed for YOUNGER women. Women in their 20s and 30s that don’t know what real aging feels like.

It really floored me how little the beauty industry seemed to care about older women with mature skin...

Until I came across an online company called Gentle&Rose.

They had one simple mission...

Beauty products designed for older women with mature skin that don’t just "mask" the signs of aging, but diminishes them over time. 

And best part? All their products are all natural!

Sounds nice, right?

Well I thought so too, however I was overly skeptical as you can imagine.

But when I came across their serum and sorted through all the 4 and 5 star reviews from women almost my same age, some even older…

Raving about how magical this serum had been for them…

How it never got caked and absorbed right into their skin…

How it was actually IMPROVING their wrinkles and dark spots over time and making them look younger…

That’s when I started getting really excited.

Could this finally be what I’ve been searching for?

All I could picture was going up to my friend Janet and flaunting a new glowing, youthful and smooth skin, completely unphased by her mean words.

So I took the leap of faith and purchased the Serum.

Putting Gentle&Rose - RoseYouth Elixir to
the test...

It only took about 4 business days to ship which was nice, cause I was impatient to say the least!

Of course, I couldn’t help but to rip open the beautiful package and try it immediately…

Hoping and praying that this wasn’t just another disappointment.

But here’s where it gets good, so please pay close attention to this next part.

For every anti-aging cream or serum I had tried that would sit on top of my skin and settle into those fine lines making me look even older…

This did the opposite.

The absorption and hydration was instantly amazing.

It went on silky and smooth and a little went a long way.


I applied it to my dark under-eye bags… they vanished in an instant…

To my wrinkles around my eyes and mouth… gone.

My skin was absolutely glowing and I felt a wave of confidence rush over me.

So I knew they stayed true to one aspect… the instant hydration was excellent.

It ended up lasting throughout the entire day.

But now came the real test.

Could this Gentle&Rose Youth Elixir truly improve my skin long-term?

A few days went by of me using it each morning…

And I looked great when I applied it. But when I forgot a day, I still looked like my older self.

Then a week passed… then two…

And still not much change to my actual skin.

It wasn’t until about the third week, when I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror…

And I did a double-take.

I looked different that morning… more glowing and vibrant.

Had I slept with serum on and it was just the hydration?

But I took a shower and looked in the mirror again…

My eyes were not deceiving me!

My skin was actually improving and I couldn't believe it.

It felt like a gift from the skin gods…

But really it was just a product that finally lived up to its name!

Shocker, right?

So here’s my message to you ladies…

If you’re fed up with wasting your time and money on useless products…

Sick and tired of looking in the mirror and not feeling like your true self…

Feeling judged, like you’ve aged faster than you could’ve ever imagined…

Then I have an ultimatum for you.

You can keep going down that route, like I did for a while…

And watch those cabinets fill up with useless products…

OR, you can try Rose Youth Elixir for yourself and SEE the results I’ve seen…

And feel like you’ve unlocked your younger self, confident and ready to flaunt your new skin without wearing loads of makeup.

"What Makes Rose Youth Elixir So Effective?"

Hyaluronic Acid

The sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, able to hold more water than any other natural substance—up to 1000 times its weight in water for maximum skin hydration that tightens and improves the skin’s overall appearance.


The skin tissues LOVE Vitamin A due to its powerful antioxidant properties, helping to protect against free radicals and improves the skin’s overall appearance with consistent use. Bakuchiol is a plant derived alternative to Retinol scientifically proven to photo-aging (wrinkles)! Making this serum pack a punch!

Organic Rosa Damascena Oil

A "super hydrator" that firms, tightens, and accelerates skin softness. Powerful antioxidant, this natural extract is the most expensive essential oils you can buy for a reason. 

Vitamin E

Another potent antioxidant, among the best for protecting against free radicals and sun damage.

"Where Can I Buy Rose Youth Elixir?"

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