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  • Rose Youth Elixir

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Creato per ringiovanire e sanare la pelle, il Rose Youth Elixir stimola la produzione di collagene, rafforza la struttura della pelle e minimizza l'aspetto di linee e rughe.

  • Fights the 4 Major Factors of Aging;
  • Visibly Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines;
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients;
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Address the 4 major factors of ageing

We carefully design our formulas to address the 4 most impactful factors ageing our skin:

- Sun Damage
- Lack of Hydration
- Environmental Pollution
- Collagen Breakdown

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All Gentle&Rose products are formulated with one goal. To provide you with highly effective, yet gentle to the skin natural products without using cheap fillers and toxic ingredients.

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