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5 Skincare Myths Debunked ✔️

Nowadays, there's so much conflicting information about skin care that it can be difficult to know what to do.

With all the new products, trends and treatments, it's easy to get confused.

That's why today I decided to talk about 5 common skincare myths that may surprise you...

Your skin ages based on genetics

Genetics plays an important role in how your skin ages.

However, the entire process is complex and is influenced by both genetics and external factors. 

Although you've no control over your genes, you can slow down the signs of aging through sun exposure, stress management, and quitting smoking.

Taking care of your skin is very important and will make your skin much more radiant regardless of your genes.

You can't get sunburn on cloudy days


This is a common misbelief but what many don’t know is that 80 percent of the sun’s rays can pass through light cloud cover.

On partly cloudy days, there can be an increase in UV radiation by 25% and make the UV rays linked to skin damage 40 percent stronger.

Scientists suggest that this might happen when UV rays are reflected off the sides of dense clouds or are redirected as they pass through thin ones.  

That’s why protecting your skin from the sun is crucial and it’s never too late to start.

The damage is done by 18

Less than 25% of sun damage occurs before the age of 18.

The repair enzymes in your body are constantly working to undo the effects of past sun exposure,

and the better protected they are from UV rays, the more effective they are at fixing the damage. 

Food has nothing to do with skin care

What you eat undoubtedly affects the health of your skin.

So it's time to consider diet as part of your skin care regimen.

Foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and others have a high glycemic index and eating them regularly can be your skin's biggest enemy. 

A diet full of antioxidants, amino acids and nutrients that promote

healthy cell renewal and collagen production will support the healthy function of your skin.

Squeaky clean face means healthy skin

Washing your skin properly to ensure you remove all of the day's environmental aggressors is essential to keep skin's lipid barrier strong and healthy, and skin looking smooth and radiant.

But! This doesn't mean that you should aggressively cleanse your skin.

Avoid cleansers with harsh ingredients that strip away healthy essential oils and leave skin feeling tight, irritated and dehydrated. 

Instead, opt for a cleanser that moisturizes and contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin. 

We developed the Hydrating Cleanser with Aloe Vera & Green tea exactly for this purpose. 

It cleanses your skin of impurities but is gentle enough and won't leave your skin dry.

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