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4 Benefits of the Rose Youth Elixir

It fights the effects of oxidative stress

Let’s first define what does that even mean?

Oxidative stress is the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body which leads to visible signs of ageing.

Bakuchiol has antioxidant properties that disrupt melanin synthesis.

Bakuchiol, organic Rosa Damascena oil and the Hyaluronic acid in the elixir protect you from free radical damage, and also increase the production of collagen and skin elasticity.

Can be used morning and night

Unlike retinoids, Bakuchiol can be applied at any time of the day.

This ingredient doesn’t cause sun sensitivity, that’s why the Rose Youth Elixir can be used in the morning as well.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

As a result of various external factors such as UV radiation and ageing, the collagen storage in the body is reduced, leading to wrinkling.

Studies have shown that Bakuchiol can improve the appearance of

fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall increase in skin firmness and elasticity.

One of studies about Bakuchiol showed that it was comparable to retinol in reducing wrinkle depth and decreasing pigment intensity,

with significantly less scaling reported by those randomized to the Bakuchiol study group.

The results have shown that it is essentially the concentration of Bakuchiol that matters.

To achieve a visible effect, the proportion should ideally be between 0,5% and 2%.

The Rose Youth Elixir contains 2% Bakuchiol to ensure that you get the best results.

The Rose Youth Elixir is suitable for all skin types

One of the best things about Bakuchiol is that its purely herbal composition makes it suitable for all skin types.

The other two ingredients (Rosa Damascena oil and Hyaluronic acid) are also very gentle on the skin, nourishing it from the inside out.

We wanted to make sure that sensitive beauties also receive effective skin care, so we selected ingredients that are also suitable for sensitive skin types.

But just like with any other ingredient, you should do a patch test before applying it to your face.

Even the gentlest ingredients can cause a reaction if you’re allergic to them.

How long does it take for the Rose Youth Elixir to work?

All Gentle&Rose products are tested to give visible results.

As with any skincare routine though, consistency is key.

Remember that natural ingredients take a little longer to show results, but they promote long-term results.

Bakuchiol has been shown to produce visible results after 4 weeks of use.

However, you can expect radiant and glowing skin after the first application.

Give Your Skin Collagen Boost 

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